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Mind & Emotions

Beating Loneliness One Step At a Time

Feeling lonely is not a state anyone wants to find themselves in for very long, and for good reason. Research shows loneliness can detrimentally affect our immune systems, heighten our blood pressure, and increase our cholesterol.

Do you have time to be brilliant?

Whether it’s life or our career, change is a constant. How do we shine bright at the various stages of our life and tap into our potential when the very definition of it is changing all the time?

Creating a ‘Me Space’

Being calmer, happier and more content is something we all aspire to, yet there seem to be so many obstacles in our way. In this, the first of our ‘instant self-improvement life-hacks’, we talk you through a simple plan to help you achieve life-affirming goals with almost no effort at all.

Creating Mindfullness

To live mindfully in life is ‘to live in the present moment’, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. Becoming mindful enhances your resilience and your overall happiness in life.