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Welcome to GrownUps, New Zealand’s best lifestyle website and social club for over 50 year olds. As one of the most important and growing groups of New Zealanders, we wanted to provide for you the one place to go to for relevant and engaging articles across all areas of interest – the chance to have your say, share stories and meet like-minded people.

On offer is more than 9000 lifestyle articles from travel, health, family, life, sports and pets to name a few, as well as daily brain-training games, competitions, discussions forums and great offers from trusted brands.

Even better all this is free to access, but do take the time to sign up to access all areas of the site and make sure you receive our weekly newsletter full of the latest news, articles, views & promotions.

Most importantly we want GrownUps to be your site, so do take part for it will grow only with your help and your participation in discussion groups, adding posts, images and comments on articles.

We are firm believers that at 50 you are only half way there and life is not about looking in the rear view mirror. Enjoy!

How did we start?

Richard Poole & Shane Bradley had an idea to service the increasingly internet savvy 50+ demographic in New Zealand, by providing a free website full of useful and interesting information in one place, rather than having to scour all search engines to find local information specific to them – that idea was in late 2004, and in early 2006, GrownUps was born.

Over the past year, GrownUps has had a monthly unique audience of more than 120,000 people, viewing hundreds of thousands of pages of information and features, taking part in discussion forums and meeting up. There are more than 160,000 registered GrownUps members across the country, including some around the world.

The site is New Zealand’s most popular lifestyle website, social club & brain-training destination and has one of the highest percentages of visitors in the over fifties demographic.

What's everyone saying?


Garagerock - 2 years ago

I’m over 50 & finally feel grown up with my first child on the way. Many others here becoming parents for the first time in their 50s I wonder?

Jazzman28 - 3 years ago

you did not put the hloe strory og grwonups on here but a big thank you but how now owns this site

Martha K. Owens - 5 years ago

I am enjoying this site more and more every day thanks

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