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Food, Wine & Beverages

Mini Mushroom Quiches

Filled with the fabulous combination of mushrooms, thyme and goat’s cheese, these crispy, golden cases are a satisfying snack to enjoy warm or cold.

Date, coconut & ginger slice

Dates and ginger are two ingredients that are made for each other. Add in some coconut for a magical mix that creates an amazing aroma as it bakes – and tastes even better.

Chicken and Leek Pie

A low fat chicken and leek pie, bound to become a favourite in your house hold and when the grandchildren come to stay!

Snack Smarter

Not all snacks are created equal, and I think that’s why, for so long, snacking got such a bad rap. Traditionally, snacking meant something from a packet that was highly processed and refined, and most likely laden with sugars, seed oils and fillers I can’t even pronounce. So, knowing how to snack smart can make a huge difference to your health and wellness journey. And here’s how.

Vanilla Slice

You can bake your own Vanilla Slice at home without the fuss of making puff pastry or any refined sugar, so you can put up a sign out the front of your house saying ‘home of the best vanilla slice’.

Bravo Balsamic!

It’s rich, fruity, concentrated and delicious; yet despite the best being valued as highly as fine wine, most of us in the 50 plus age group had to wait until we were well grown up to discover it! We’re talking about balsamic vinegar.

Fruit Loaf

A quick and easy fruit loaf which freezes well. You could try making it with different types of fruit (and nuts), or even chocolate chips for when the grandchildren come to stay. We dusted ours with icing sugar, or you could do a simple vanilla glaze with orange zest dusted on top.

Ham & Cheese Herby Crepes

These protein-packed crepes are simply delicious, and can be eaten fresh from the pan or made in advance and reheated. We enjoy them for breakfast, but you could have them at any time of day. The choice is yours!