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Our People, Our Country

A Kiwi Angel

Not many people would make sandwiches for someone who is trying to pickpocket them, but on Christmas Eve 1997, in the middle of a Russian winter, 27-year-old New Zealander Rachael Hughes found a small hand on her wallet as she tried to put it in her back

Memories of a Sapper in World War One

My dad, Joshua Margerison, (regimental number 254391), was a mild mannered man, but when he learned that his brother, Albert, had died from a head wound, at Canal Bank, one mile north of Ypres, on 9th July 1915, he was determined to join the army.

Popeye’s War

In 1936 at twenty years old, armed with a keen sense of adventure and desire to fly, Fred J Lucas felt England beckoning. He was my uncle and second cousin, who'd married his first cousin, my aunt, hence the relationship.

The benefits of doing nothing

Whether we are working or retired most of the advice we read about in columns like this, talks about finding ways to manage our busy lives, set goals, have some balance, set priorities and plan.