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How to Pamper Your Pip and Stone Fruit Trees

The cool seasons may be a time of rest for your fruit trees, but if you want them to be productive and healthy, come spring, you need to put in the work while they are taking a break. And it starts with, nutrition.

Moving Time in the Garden!

It can be all too easy to accept your garden the way it is, even when it doesn’t please you, yet moving a shrub to a more desirable location is so much easier than you might think.

Make Mine a Mulcher!

We all know it pays to take stock of possessions while we still have the energy, and inclination, to divest ourselves of those we no longer need, but every now and then, it also makes good sense to purchase something new...

Growing New Plants with Flair

Variety is the spice of life – it’s an old saying that applies as much to edible gardening as it does to anything else. Plant breeders are well aware of it, which is why they are always developing new and unusual fruits and vegetables for gardeners to grow at home.