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Pruning Roses – Part 2

In my last column, I covered a few basics on why and how you should prune your roses and also covered how to prune those tricky climbers which can cause a few problems.

Pruning Roses – Part 1

July and August are the two main months in New Zealand for pruning roses so my column this time will go over a few general basics plus tell you how to tackle climbing roses.

New Seasons Roses

As I write this, it is Queens Birthday weekend, the last long weekend for some time but also an important part of any rose lover's calendar.

Growing Winter Vegetables

Right now, depending on how drought-stricken your area is, the elements are still kind enough to help them establish. The longer you leave planting now, the more likely it is your young seedlings will struggle.

Where to Buy Certain Roses

The two most common enquiries I get are: Is there a rose called a certain name? and Where do I buy this rose I am after? This article should help you out!

Gardening Your Way to Well Being

Gill Vergine and her partner Gary left Britain for New Zealand in 1997. They decided Nelson was where they wanted to settle partly because they "enjoyed coming to a climate where you can grow such a wide range of wonderful plants".