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Drive Carefully on the Roads this Easter

Each Easter period for the last five years, claims for motor collisions spike on average about 10% than the weekly average for the rest of the year. People think if they’re insured, they can take risks – but what really matters are the people in your car and the vehicles around you.

Insuring Your E-Bike

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular and, for many Kiwis, they're a fantastic way to get around. But many e-bike owners may not have thought about insuring their new bike.

Is Your Cellphone Covered?

These days many of our lives revolve around the ability to stay connected, and losing a smartphone can be incredibly stressful and inconvenient.

Is Your Empty House Insured?

It is generally considered safer when residential properties have someone residing in them. If damage does occur, someone living in the house will spot it and be able to clean it up quickly.