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Articles all about our country, your favourites like food, wine, family, your home, gardening, retirement living and yes, something about pets also.

How to Pamper Your Pip and Stone Fruit Trees

The cool seasons may be a time of rest for your fruit trees, but if you want them to be productive and healthy, come spring, you need to put in the work while they are taking a break. And it starts with, nutrition.

Radical Recycling – and how you can help

Bulging bins, bursting bags, and overflowing wheelie bins! Waste is a serious problem, but although we all want to do our best to reduce what we contribute to landfill, New Zealand has been sadly lacking in opportunities for recycling.

Delicious Duck Dinner

Duck is one of those things guaranteed to make your mouth water - cooked properly, duck is a real show stopper of a meal. Here's a recipe that, once prepared, will be worth every moment.

Parental Stress

There is no question that for the majority of parents today, parental stress is much higher than it was 30 years ago.

Matariki – our latest public holiday!

Who doesn’t enjoy a break, and this June (the 24th to be exact), we’ll be celebrating a new one! It’s Matariki, a lively public holiday which centres on the rising of the Matariki star cluster in the night sky.

Beating Loneliness One Step At a Time

Feeling lonely is not a state anyone wants to find themselves in for very long, and for good reason. Research shows loneliness can detrimentally affect our immune systems, heighten our blood pressure, and increase our cholesterol.