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Articles all about our country, your favourites like food, wine, family, your home, gardening, retirement living and yes, something about pets also.

Italian Rice Bake

This is a great comfort bake that’s filling, tasty and freezes well. I often make two at a time – one to eat and one to freeze, to save me time during the week when I feel like a night off from cooking.

Chocolate Ripple Espresso, Rum & Raspberry Log

A blast from the past. I had not eaten or even seen a chocolate ripple cake since my teenage years. But at my brother’s party for his 70th birthday his charming neighbour Carina volunteered to make a collection of sweet dishes.

9 Ways to Fight Food Waste

Food waste is a hot topic, especially as billions of dollars worth of edibles disappear into the world’s landfills each year. Some food is wasted because restaurants and caterers over-order; some is thrown into big bins by supermarkets as ‘best-by’ dates reach their deadlines. But a vast amount of food is wasted in our own homes

Cheese & Bacon Breakfast Loaf

Preparing simple dishes like this in advance keeps me organised during a busy week, and I can pre-track the recipe the night before. This loaf is generously portioned for a hearty breakfast, and also makes a great addition to a lunch box.

Plan Your Festive Plantings

Christmas is coming, and there’s no better way to prepare for it than with gorgeous plantings of red, white and green. Plant in narrow beds along the path, or in pots on the deck where your living festive colour will receive the attention it deserves.

Blueberry Roly Poly

This is such a good recipe. I love this yeasted dough, which includes lard, the traditional shortening for many pastries and raised pies from the north of England. Long-time readers of my books will remember my grandmother’s wonderful bramble pie recipe that uses Lard Pastry.

8 Ways to Share Your Family Ancestry

Tracing your ancestry is not only fascinating, it’s also hard work, so once you’ve completed the task (not that tracing ancestry is ever quite completed!) why not enjoy sharing it with others. Here are 8 special ways to do just that