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Articles all about our country, your favourites like food, wine, family, your home, gardening, retirement living and yes, something about pets also.

Making a Difference – Community Trap Lines

In recent years, voluntary-run community traplines have become an effective way of controlling the predators that threaten our native animals, especially birds and bats. They are also a way of engaging with and educating the public about the threat to native wildlife from introduced predators.

Date, coconut & ginger slice

Dates and ginger are two ingredients that are made for each other. Add in some coconut for a magical mix that creates an amazing aroma as it bakes – and tastes even better.

Chicken and Leek Pie

A low fat chicken and leek pie, bound to become a favourite in your house hold and when the grandchildren come to stay!

Pet Talk – how to cushion the ride for your feline friend

They’re our ‘babies’ and our besties –  welcome to the first in a new series of articles on pets, the buddies we wouldn’t be without! Whether it’s transporting your cat to the vet, a cattery or the bach, here are some tips to make their journey safer and much less daunting.

How to Downsize your Home Successfully

More and more Kiwis are moving into smaller homes. Some are downsizing when their children move out; others are dividing their time between holiday homes and smaller city apartments. But how do you cope when you have less space than you are used to?

Snack Smarter

Not all snacks are created equal, and I think that’s why, for so long, snacking got such a bad rap. Traditionally, snacking meant something from a packet that was highly processed and refined, and most likely laden with sugars, seed oils and fillers I can’t even pronounce. So, knowing how to snack smart can make a huge difference to your health and wellness journey. And here’s how.