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Becoming A Writer In My 70’s

Becoming a published author in my 70’s was certainly not something I planned, although I guess, like most people, I had often daydreamed about it over the years.

The Rise and Rise of Family Ancestry Study

An interest in personal ancestry isn’t new but, historically speaking, there have always been some cultures that have valued it more than others. Within society in general, there have definitely been periods when the study of ancestry has blossomed, and even boomed.

Backyard Bird Watching

Many folk find backyard bird watching is a great way to get introduced to the activity. It is an inexpensive way to begin learning to identify species. The birds you observe in the backyard can also provide valuable experience in note keeping, as you track the birds that come and go.

Keeping Stories Alive

Author Mary-anne Scott has just released her latest book, The Tomo. This novel for young people is based on some old family lore; we asked Mary-anne to tell us more.

8 Ways to Share Your Family Ancestry

Tracing your ancestry is not only fascinating, it’s also hard work, so once you’ve completed the task (not that tracing ancestry is ever quite completed!) why not enjoy sharing it with others. Here are 8 special ways to do just that

Flower Arrangements For Your Home

You want your home to look at its best. You want it to have a relaxing, inspiring atmosphere you can't find anywhere else. Such an atmosphere can be achieved by placing flowers in your home