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Retirement Living

Living in Retirement: What are my Options?

Retirement should be a time to relax — whether it means finally getting around to that passion project of yours, heading off on a Fiordland trip, or just spending time with the grandkids. However, there are still many important (and sometimes difficult) decisions to be made once you hit retirement.

Life After Retirement

In September 2017, at the grand age of 62, I was happily working on the 6th Floor of the Beehive for the John Key Government. In politics your world can change in an instant. And mine did. 

Lead and Live the Life you Want

Life transitions involve leaving one position and entering into another, they can create an identity crises which can include temporary instability, confusion, depression and anxiety. But what happens when we leave our chosen career or vocations?  We can often find ourselves asking the question, who am I now?

The Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage?

With inflation at its highest level in three decades and interest rates still relatively low by historic standards, more and more homeowners over 60 are weighing up whether a reverse mortgage could help them live a better retirement.

89.9% of GrownUps survey respondents want to remain in their home

Heartland is New Zealand’s leading provider of reverse mortgages, having helped over 19,000 customers across the country release equity from their homes to fund their dream retirement. As part of our GrownUps partnership, we conducted a survey last month which revealed how important it is for GrownUps members to retire from the comfort of their home.

The Best Years Of Your Life?

"Age should not have its face lifted but it should rather teach the world to admire wrinkles as the etching of experience and the firm line of character." - Clarence Day, US writer.