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Yes – Cats Can Get Depressed!

Let’s face it – with a reputation for sleeping between 12 to 16 hours a day, cats aren’t exactly the most active of animals. That, in itself, doesn’t equate to a symptom of moggie depression.

Walkies (with your cat!)

With the emphasis on protecting wildlife in urban areas, cat owners are always looking for ways their fur babies can access the big outdoors without causing harm. One solution is to train your cat to walk outdoors on a leash.

7 Tips to Help Support Your Senior Pet

Few escape the odd twinge or a decrease in energy levels, and even those with the sharpest minds may eventually find their memory is not quite as reliable as it once was. It’s the same with our pets as they enter their senior years, and fortunately, there are many ways we can help them to adjust.

Precious Pets – Don’t lose them to bad habits!

Loving your pooch or moggy is not the same as watching out for its safety – and safety is paramount, especially over the months of autumn, the traditional time for seniors to be on the road, visiting friends and rellies. Then there’s Easter!

Can Cats Learn Tricks? You Bet!

Yes, cats can be taught to follow instructions – performing isn’t just for dogs! What’s more, it’s actually good for your cat to learn tricks. It’s stimulating, enriching, and it ensures you and your pet have some one on one, bonding time.

Pet Talk – how to cushion the ride for your feline friend

They’re our ‘babies’ and our besties –  welcome to the first in a new series of articles on pets, the buddies we wouldn’t be without! Whether it’s transporting your cat to the vet, a cattery or the bach, here are some tips to make their journey safer and much less daunting.

Leaving Home – Helping Your Cat Cope

As research into the nature of animals advances, we also continue discovering that some pets do, in fact, feel certain emotions. Although little research has been carried out with cats in particular, cat owners generally believe their pets recognise those they know well, and relate to them.