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Articles covering Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Savings, Investment, Superannuation, Life after work. Wills, asset protection and Trusts.

Cash in a Crisis: Building resilience

Many of us are focussed on the here and now in our lives, but every now and again it pays to look to the horizon and think about those rare but foreseeable risks that have the power to really knock us about.

Things To Think About When Moving House

Packing your life into boxes and moving house is exciting for many, but stressful for others. There are so many things on your mind, and remembering insurance can be one of the last things on your checklist.

Investing in Retirement

A solution to the problem of investing in retirement is a diversified portfolio. It may not make you rich, but it's the best store of wealth.

Living in Retirement: What are my Options?

Retirement should be a time to relax — whether it means finally getting around to that passion project of yours, heading off on a Fiordland trip, or just spending time with the grandkids. However, there are still many important (and sometimes difficult) decisions to be made once you hit retirement.

Drive Carefully on the Roads this Easter

Each Easter period for the last five years, claims for motor collisions spike on average about 10% than the weekly average for the rest of the year. People think if they’re insured, they can take risks – but what really matters are the people in your car and the vehicles around you.

Life After Retirement

In September 2017, at the grand age of 62, I was happily working on the 6th Floor of the Beehive for the John Key Government. In politics your world can change in an instant. And mine did. 

What Happens to Home Equity with a Reverse Mortgage?

Being able to access cash without having to sell your home or make repayments can be life changing for many retirees. If you’re considering a reverse mortgage, though, it is important to understand how interest is charged on the loan and how it will impact your home equity over time.

Car Insurance Cover

When you drive, you’re constantly checking your surroundings. You’re keeping an eye on other motorists around you and making a mental note of who’s speeding up, slowing down or turning. You rely on other motorists to do the same thing – but accidents still happen.