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Articles covering Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Savings, Investment, Superannuation, Life after work. Wills, asset protection and Trusts.

Cyber Attacks – do you need separate cover?

When it comes to preparing for a cyber attack, insurance should be one of your last lines of protection. Insurance companies often expect a business to have multiple risk mitigation policies in place to help reduce both a security breach disruption and also the premium on your cyber insurance policy.

Car Insurance Questions Answered

Having car insurance helps to avoid big, unwanted costs should your car be stolen or you have a car accident. If you haven't made a claim before, you could be a little unsure about how it works. Read on to discover three common questions asked about claiming car insurance.

Super Stretcher – Side Hustles for Seniors

For many, full time retirement sounds perfect. Others, however, aren’t quite ready to give up work altogether, simply because they’ve reached sixty-five. And, let’s face it, many of us can’t quite afford to! That’s were a ‘side hustle’  – a part-time job or short-stint of work – can come in handy.

Meeting Expectations

In a recent survey, it was found that small-to-medium businesses recognise having a broker can lead to a claim resolutions better meeting their expectations.

89.9% of GrownUps survey respondents want to remain in their home

Heartland is New Zealand’s leading provider of reverse mortgages, having helped over 19,000 customers across the country release equity from their homes to fund their dream retirement. As part of our GrownUps partnership, we conducted a survey last month which revealed how important it is for GrownUps members to retire from the comfort of their home.

Understanding Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a crime everyone pays for. Insurers need to ensure the cost of insurance premiums cover the cost of claims. When people make fraudulent claims, the cost of everyone’s premium rises – including honest policyholders.