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Articles covering Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Savings, Investment, Superannuation, Life after work. Wills, asset protection and Trusts.

Size Does Matter…When It Comes To Business

If you own a business that's growing or expanding, any number of things could be on your mind - from financial worries to finding employees to business planning. One thing that may not be on your mind is insurance.

Is NZ Super Enough To Fund A Comfortable Retirement?

It's no secret New Zealand has an aging population. As medical care improves, we’re living longer – on average, 80% of Kiwi men aged 65 can expect to live until they’re 90, and women until they’re 94. A longer life means a longer retirement, and a longer retirement means more spending.

Is Your Car Insurance Still Valid?

If you have a car accident while you’re driving outside the terms of your licence, or breaching the road rules, it’s important to understand that it could have an impact on any insurance claim you need to make.

4 Tips to Help You Choose a Vehicle Repairer

Even a minor car collision can be stressful and difficult, especially if you're pretty busy and then have to find a vehicle repairer. If you haven't already got a relationship with a panel beater, it can be tricky to find one you can trust.