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Encouraging Youth to Achieve Greatness

Tips and strategies linked to goal-setting, effective communication, and resiliency can enhance the quality of teaching, mentoring, and coaching in a global community in which most youth are desperate to be heard and supported.

A Consumable Christmas

I've made a Christmas resolution. This year, I aim to give 'consumable' gifts, which have a purpose, rather than just 'stuff.'

The Rise and Rise of Family Ancestry Study

An interest in personal ancestry isn’t new but, historically speaking, there have always been some cultures that have valued it more than others. Within society in general, there have definitely been periods when the study of ancestry has blossomed, and even boomed.

8 Ways to Share Your Family Ancestry

Tracing your ancestry is not only fascinating, it’s also hard work, so once you’ve completed the task (not that tracing ancestry is ever quite completed!) why not enjoy sharing it with others. Here are 8 special ways to do just that

Virtual Grand-Parenting

If you want to be the best grandparent you can be, it pays to wise-up on how to interact online with the kids. Here are a few ‘virtual tricks’ to have up your sleeve, and some no-no’s to be aware of.

Keeping your home safe for your grandchildren

Parents, Grandparents and caregivers want to provide a safe place for their children to live and play but too often child proofing these areas gets put off. This has caused thousands of household accidents that could have easily have been prevented. The good news is child proofing is not difficult and can easily be completed in one day.