Life-Admin is Easier in a Clean Office!

Life-admin – it’s easier when your office is accessible

Life-admin – the endless round of bill-paying, appointment-making, gift-wrapping, card-writing, and list-making. Most of us don’t want to think about the hours we spend attending to these essential chores. And we certainly don’t want to think about the uninvited clutter that greets us when we head to our ‘office’ to do them. Whether your ‘office’ is a designated room, a desk in the corner of the living room, or simply at one end of the dining room table, it’s a lot more inviting if it’s clean, tidy, and orderly. The icing on the cake is if it looks attractive, too! So what are you waiting for …

Ditch the dross

Just in case you hadn’t realised it, almost no one writes letters any more. And if you do receive a card, it’s more likely to come with a gift rather than through the mailbox. So clear out your stack of loose envelopes, reusable envelope labels, post cards collected on holiday, random gift cards (especially the ones you know you’re never going to give to anyone, even in an emergency), and all but one box of fancy writing paper. Give them to the grandies to write letters which they can post into your mailbox for fun. Then head to the stationery shop for half a dozen generic gift cards to keep on hand.

It’s a wrap

Yes, we all try to recycle the gift paper, but it doesn’t really work, even when we iron it! Haul it out, and pop it into the recycling bin. Replace it with one roll of attractive gift wrap that will suffice in all situations (while you’re at it, grab a roll of red ribbon for Christmas and gold and silver for wedding anniversaries, and you’re home and hosed).

Biff the biros

Who can resist a free biro from the bank/4-square/garage? Which is why your office is stuffed full of them. It’s time to oust all but a couple, and to replace the bulk with a lovely fountain pen you look forward to using (they’re not a costly item when you buy them from a stationery shop).

Be tough on the tape

There’s a reason why your office is loaded with rolls of sticky tape – it’s because the cheapest ones refuse to come off the roll, or never adhere to paper if they do. Quit the bargain basement tape, and buy a roll with a reputable brand name. While you’re at it, purchase a small dispenser so the tape is easy to use and never gets lost.

Take notice!

Yet to be attended to-do’s are the number one office space clutter-bugs. Grab a couple of cork boards (and drawing pins) to go on the wall (or a 2-tier filing shelf if you don’t have wall space) and confine to them any papers not quite ready to be attended to. There’s nothing like it to clear the decks!

At your finger tips

Allow yourself one small box or draw for stationery bits and bobs (stapler and staples, pencil sharpener, paper clips, sticky notes etc). It’s the most likely receptacle to gather dross, so make it a priority to clean it out each time you reach for it.

Bright and shiny

Whether you use your laptop or some other device while attending to life-admin, or simply wear glasses, keep a small spray bottle of lens cleaner and a soft cloth handy, so your job is easier to do!

Pretty pot plant

Now you’ve created some space, make it an attractive space to be in by shouting yourself a flowering plant. It will cheer up your office, and unlike a vase of flowers, won’t send water flying over your papers or drown your device should it fall over!

Life-admin is an almost daily chore. Make it more attractive to undertake by creating an inviting space any domestic CEO would be proud to occupy!