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Savings & Investment

Saving Money and Having Fun

This week we have great pleasure launching the inaugural Oily Rag Master Chef competition. We are now taking entries from oily rag cooks across the nation to find out the best oily rag dish.

Top Oily Rag Town

We have been receiving quite a lot of mail recently from Whakatane, which got us wondering which is New Zealand's top oily rag town?

Fantastic Money Saving Tips

More and more people are joining the oily rag community and enjoying the wholesome benefits, the titillations, and financial savings of a frugal lifestyle. Here are some of the tips received this week.

Milk Wars

War has been declared. Armies have been marching into a boutique retailer and leaving armed with bottles of cheap milk.

Favourite Tips for Cheap Living

t this time of the year many oily raggers are enjoying daily reminders about the virtues of the self-help oily rag lifestyle as they reap the harvest from their oily rag gardens and fruit trees.

Living Better for Less Cost

Although the good frugal folk of oilyragaroa have been writing to us for a couple of decades now it still amazes us how people keep coming with great money saving tips and ways to make something out of nothing.

Property Relationship Agreements

Whether you call them property settlement agreements, contracting out agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, or something else, they all amount to the same thing - an agreement made between two persons who are in or about to enter into a personal relationsh

Eating Your Greens Costs Less

The good folk at Statistics NZ have been trundling their trolleys in the isles at your local supermarket to see if the things on your grocery list are costing more or less. Usually they find goods cost more, a lot more, but not this time.

Frugality Takes Hold

Frugality is obviously sweeping though the suburbs as more and more people appreciate the virtues of saving. It is also surprising that the oily rag website has a large number of overseas readers.