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Savings & Investment


Petrol prices at the pump are at record prices so the oily rag team have been delving into the archives to find the best oily rag motoring tips.

Leftovers and Recycling

Oily raggers are not the sort of people to let anything go to waste. It is no surprise that they have lots of ideas to make the most of what others throw out. Here are some suggestions from readers.

Frugality Flourishes in Christchurch

Christchurch has had its fair share of troubles lately, but it seems living off the smell of an oily rag is seeing people through the tough times. This week we feature tips from Cantabrians, and throw in a few tips received from one of our Australian read

Hunters, Bargain Buyers and Shopping Grumps

The staff in the oily rag community projects department have not seen a lot of sunlight lately. They have been busy night and day collecting an analysing the latest survey data about the psychology of oily rag shoppers.

Scientific Discovery for Frugal Families

The oily rag community is electric with their latest scientific discovery. Some say it is the most far-reaching discovery of the new millennium. No it's not the discovery of the God Particle in a tunnel in France and Switzerland that has everyone excited

Simple Recipes for Easy to Grow Vegetables

When belt tightening and frugal living combine the result is a coast to coast patch work of oily rag gardens across the nation. Having your own garden is the best way to cut the food budget, and it's so easy - and the vegetables seem to taste a whole lot


There is a lot that could be said about herbs but here is a quick guide to some easy-to-grow herbs and how to and when to use them.