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Savings & Investment

Winter Warmth

While the country was coated in ice like a wedding cake we got thinking about ways to keep warm in winter - without having to go on holiday to a tropical island! Some people say there's nothing like a good hot cup of tea to make them feel warm.

Handy Bathroom Savings

This week we are ducking into the little room for some quiet time to reflect upon the savings that can be made in the bathroom.

Fixed Price Power and Happily Married

Oily ragger John from Warkworth has asked an interesting question. "I recently received an offer from Mercury Energy to 'lock in' my power price for the next three years but at a price that is about 9 percent more than I pay now. Should I do that?"

Toilet Paper Secrets Exposed

Here are the results and some of the more "interesting" comments. 86 percent of respondents said they hang the roll with the paper facing to the front; 14 percent hang the roll with the paper to the back. Here's why.

More Money Saving Tips from Readers

The oily rag boom is probably a sign of the tough times but also a reminder that our down-to-earth do-it-yourself frugal mindset is still very much alive and well. Here are more of the great and sometimes humorous tips sent in by readers.

Making the Most of What Others Throw Away

Oily raggers are great at getting more out of less, and making the most of what others throw out. Here are some of the many ideas readers have sent in, ranging from using toilet rolls to buying better for baby!