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Savings & Investment

Bathroom Frugality

Last week National Radio's Afternoons with Jim Mora had a very humorous segment about toilet rolls. The question was asked: how to do you hang your toilet roll. We in the Oily Rag Research Unit, like many others, take toilet tissue very seriously. So much

Self-Help Oily Rag Style

Living off the smell of an oily rag is all about rolling up your sleeves and doing things for yourself. Here are a few new tips from oily raggers:

Ways to Beat Rising Petrol Prices

Higher crude prices will inevitable cause the pump prices to pass though the $2 a litre level, and cause consumers to ask how they can reduce their motoring costs. Here are a few suggestions.

Others Follow Where Oily Raggers Walk

About 18 months ago the oily rag research team carried out a nationwide survey to answer some key questions about the price of milk. Over 600 oily rag readers took part and as a result some very important conclusions were drawn.

Milking It

Dairy prices are on the rise. Farmers are happy, but consumers are grumpy as their dollar buys less at the checkout. Fortunately oily raggers have lots of ideas about how you can cut down on your milk costs, but before giving you their tips here are a few

Shopping Smart

Food prices are in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. Some are pointing the finger at retailers, but we reckon the best way to beat higher prices is to shop smarter and grow your own.