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Savings & Investment

Oily Rag – Free

"Free" is a word everyone living off the smell of an oily rag loves to hear. It is surprising how many things are free - everything from buses to sofas!

Handyman Tips

There're always lots of odd jobs to do around the home but even odd jobs can add up to thousands of dollars in costs. Fortunately, many of those costs can be avoided.

Cashless Christmas

Well, we got thinking about the tills ringing so we thought we would look at oily rag ideas for a cashless Christmas.

Tomato Sauce… A Cleaner?

We receive lots of letters from readers sharing their low cost cleaning formulas and concoctions but we have come across an excellent summary produced by Bin Inn,

Bad Debt and Very Bad Debt

Debt is unfortunately an all too common problem that affects everyone: individuals, households, businesses, local authorities, and governments. But never fear, help is near! Here are some oily rag ways of getting out of debt.

Lots of Money Saving Tips

While oily raggers may be frugal with their money, there is nothing frugal about their generosity in sharing their money saving-tips with others.

Shopping Personalities

In this column we are going to depart from our normal selection of new money saving tips for the frugal minded, to announce an important new shopping psyche discovery.

Money Making Fun

People say times are challenging, and for some they are, but it's moments like these that the oily rag pioneering spirit of frugality, thrift and adventure is reawakened

The Beer Essentials

The personnel at the Oily Rag Research Department donned white coats and, with clip board in hand, ventured forth on a quest to find the cheapest way of buying beer.