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Savings & Investment

What’s the Next Step in Your Life?

Life is in the here and now. It's time to enjoy your children, your grandchildren, your hobbies and your space, yet you want to make sure everyone and everything you've worked for is protected.

Keeping Warm in Winter

The chilly weather is a timely reminder about ways to lower heating costs. Here are some of the best tips - from our oily rag website.

Favourite Frugal Tips

This week we have lots of tips - warts and all! It is always amazing how diverse the tips are, and what an interesting bunch the frugal community is.

The Chicken or The Egg?

Did you know, according to the Egg Producers Federation, every one of us consumes about 230 eggs a year. That's about as many as the typical back-yard chicken produces in a year.

Big Money Saving Tips and Giant Pumpkins

The mail bags have been bulging with fantastically frugal tips from readers. In fact, we can't recall having received so many letters, which just goes to show how popular living off the smell of an oily rag is.

Silverbeet, Makeup and Snozzles

Thank you to all who have offered advice to Young Mum, who is looking for creative and delicious ways to add silver beet into the meals of her youngsters. Well, the oily rag community has again come to the rescue.