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10436 Bug Viewer and TMNT Ooze
10436 Bug Viewer and TMNT Ooze

Whitcoulls range of educational toys give kids the opportunity to have fun and create while expanding their mind. With products including creative science, electronic, astronomy and archaeology kits, jigsaws, books for every age group and more, learning really can be fun.

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Innonex T-Rex DinoInnonex T-Rex Dino Kit

Build and paint your very own 3D T-Rex dinosaur and then watch it move – all with this fantastic kit from Innonex!

Kit contains everything needed to make one 3D dinosaur. No cutting or glueing required!

$20.99 (was $29.99)
Special price valid until 29/12/2013

For Ages 8+

Ein-O Science Volcano Blast

The Volcano Blast kit is a fantastic educational resource that educates children about volcanos through eight exciting and challenging experiments.


For Ages 10+
Ein-O Science Volcano Blast and Electric Wiz

Ein-O Science Electric Wiz

Are you ready to be shocked?! This EIN-O Electric Wiz includes 8 shocking experiments to explore the power of electricity, including brilliant bulb, crazy compass, buzz challenge, bubbly zapper, lemon power, can car, magnet maker and super static. Fun, fun, fun!


For Ages 8+

3D Bug Viewer

3D Bug's Viewer which has one (1) pair of tweezers, one (1) piece of string and six (6) insects.


For Ages 5+
3D Bug Viewer and TMNT Science Ooze

TMNT Science – Ooze

Master the science of Turtle Chemistry with this fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ooze Kit. With it, children can brew up Tadpole and Leech soup, Rat Guts noodles, Jellyfish, Blood Clots, Floating Eyeballs, Pickled Pizzas, Eggs over Oozy and other wonderfully disgusting inventions. All recipes and experiments are super safe. Real polymer chemistry used.


For Ages 10+

Compact Outdoor KitCompact Outdoor Kit

Compact Outdoor Kit comes with spy power compass, 6power 18mm terrestrial compact telescope. Handy and durable plus tough bulit with precise direction. Features includes 7-element aspheric design 50-500meters focus distance.


Ages 8+