Roadshow – December 2013 Releases

10434 Death in Paradise S2
10434 Death in Paradise S2


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LABEL:                 Roadshow
RELEASE DATE:     18 December 2013
DIRECTOR:             Michael Hoffman
STARRING:             Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman
CATEGORY:           Comedy
RRP DVD:              $39.99
RRP BluRay:           $44.99

Gambit centres on British art curator Harry Deane (Firth) who devises a finely-crafted scheme to con England's richest man and avid art collector, Lionel Shabandar (Rickman) into purchasing a fake Monet painting.

In order to bait his buyer, he recruits a Texas rodeo queen (Diaz) to cross the pond and pose as a woman whose grandfather liberated the painting at the end of WWII.

  • Remake of the 1966 British caper comedy which starred Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine
  • Screenplay by the Coen Brothers (True Grit, No Country For Old Men)



LABEL:                 Roadshow
RELEASE DATE:     04 December 2013
DIRECTOR:             Craig Zisk
STARRING:             Greg Kinnear, Julianne Moore
CATEGORY:           Comedy
RRP DVD:              $34.99
RRP BluRay:           $39.99

This uplifting comedy tells the story of Linda Sinclair, a forty-year-old unmarried English teacher whose greatest relationships are with her favourite authors and stories.

When a disheartened former student moves back into town, after failing to make it as a playwright in New York, Linda decides to step out of her comfort zone and produce his play with the help of the high school drama teacher.

  • Premiered at the 2013 Sundance International Film Festival



LABEL:                 Roadshow
CosentinoRELEASE DATE:     04 December 2013
STARRING:             Cosentino
CATEGORY:           Special Interest
RRP DVD:              $19.99

With world-class production values Cosentino takes the audience on a journey of incredible ingenuity, intimate magical mysteries and intense escapes – distorting all you thought was possible for a man to achieve! Featuring the breathtaking illusions The Vault, Crazy Cell, Deja Vu, Split in Two, Training and Breathless in his sold out theatre performance at the revered Regent Theatre, as well as street magic performed in-front of unsuspecting shoppers and a death defying escape that has to be seen to be believed.

Cosentino is now the face of a new generation of one of the world's oldest art forms. His grand, theatre-style show brings to life some of the most complex and riveting magic ever seen, delivering just the right amount of danger to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Special Feature:

  • Including 30 minutes of never before seen footage
  • Cosentino Uncut: Behind The Magic
  • Kids Montage
  • Card Tear
  • The Regent Theatre deleted scenes
  • Broom Suspension
  • Snuggles Vanish



Death in Paradise S2LABEL:                 BBC
RELEASE DATE:     04 December 2013
STARRING:             Ben Miller, Sara Martins
CATEGORY:           Prime
RRP DVD:              $39.99

DI Richard Poole is still trapped on the stunning Caribbean island paradise of Saint-Marie – and for him the sun, sea and sand still continue to irritate, just as he irritates his long-suffering colleagues. But, he's also as brilliant as ever. With the often unorthodox assistance of Dwayne and Fideland and the instinctive and insightful knowledge of the beautiful Sergeant Camille Bordey they tackle a baffling array of unique murders.