Unique ways to spoil your grandkids this Christmas

Has your daughter in law made the dreaded “no plastic toys” request? Maybe your grandkids just seem to have everything, or you genuinely have no idea what teens are into these days. No doubt about it, Christmas shopping can be stressful. That’s why it’s always great to have a stash of ideas on-hand.

Here are some of our top picks to get you inspired.

An experience

Material gifts can be a treat, but memories truly last a lifetime. And they give your grandkids a chance to experience something new and exciting. For example, are you racking your brain for something that’s going to make your teenage grandson’s eyes light up? Before you settle on a simple cash gift, take a look at these amazing experiences from Red Balloon. They make it so easy to take your pick of volcano tours, zip lining, shark dives, flying lessons and more.

Handmade with love

New Zealand is home to some amazingly talented artisans, so why not wrap up something unique this Christmas? At events like the Wellington Underground Market you can stock up on an incredible selection of grandkid approved gifts. From potted succulents and pretty terrariums for teenage girls to gorgeous handknitted merino beanies for your pint-sized toddlers, markets like this run circles around David Jones.

Show tickets

Another fantastic way to treat the older grandkids is with tickets to a show. It’s one up on a traditional movie ticket and will give you a chance to bond, chat and share an experience. From tickets to an All Blacks game to a night out at the theatre, get creative and choose something that’s really going to get your tweens or teens excited.


DIY “gift” vouchers

This has always been a favourite with kids, but turns out it also works in reverse. You can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. From baking a batch of cookies to an afternoon at the movies, think of a few special treats, create your own “vouchers” and give them something that they can look forward to.

Art supplies

Keep the kids busy this Christmas by wrapping up a treasure trove of art supplies. Girls will love DIY kits covering creative activities like jewellery making, wood burning pens, nail art, terrarium making and more.

Nurture the green thumb

There’s nothing more important than helping your grandkids build a relationship with Mother Nature. Gardening is a rewarding way to nurture their pint-sized green thumbs and do a little bonding in the process. Check with their parents to see if there’s garden space available, or offer your own. Bunnings has some fantastic products, or you can simply head to your local gardening centre and pick up some supplies.

Of course, we’d love to hear about any unique Christmas gift ideas you have up your sleeve this year. Big or small, go ahead and share with the GrownUps community. Who knows, your idea could turn out to be an absolute life saver.