10 fun things you can do by yourself

People are often driven by being with others, with this thought in mind I thought it would be interesting to put together a list of things you can do on your own. I hope these help build a relationship with the most important person in your life – You!

1. Go on a walking tour of your city

Make like a tourist and sign up for a walking tour in your city. Often free, walking tours can take in the sights than you might overlook in your day to day life, plus you’ll learn some interesting facts about your city.

2. Take an online course

Learning something new is a great way to do something fun in your spare time. Sites like coursera offer university level courses online, often for free. Get involved with projects, submit your work, and receive your final grade. There are new courses starting all the time from a huge range of subjects.

3. Head to the driving range

If you’re feeling energetic, now might be a good time to practice your golf swing – even if you’ve never given it a go before. The driving range is not only the perfect place to let off some steam, it’s also the perfect place to really practice a skill until you’re good at it.

4. Research something of interest

Have you been reading about how bone broth is the latest superfood? Wondering about how Stockholm Syndrome works? It’s fun doing scientific research into something that’s of interest to you. Search for scientific articles on Google Scholar to find the most up to date research from scientific journals around the globe.

5. Visit the museum

When was the last time that you visited the museum? If you don’t have grandchildren, then it may be a few more years ago than you think! Re-learn history, wonder about the natural world, and find out more about New Zealand’s cultural heritage.

6. Browse a bookstore and go through sections you wouldn’t usually look at

You might find something new that sparks your interest. You never know you might find something you are completely enthralled in and you would have never had usually read. Secondhand bookstores are even better for finding wee gems.

7. Try out a new recipe

Why wait until you have guests over to try out a new recipe? Take on something you’ve always wanted to tackle and see how you perform. You can think of it as a test run for when you are entertaining next time. Check out the recipe section on GrownUps for some inspiration or check out some of the wonderful food bloggers with incredible photos on Instagram.


8. Join an online forum and get chatting

If you’re feeling like having a chat but there’s no one around, then signing up to an online forum is a great way to chat about your interests. There are specific forums for just about anything, from Game of Thrones, to the rugby, to gardening. Chat with people all over the world about your favourite topics if you haven’t already, join a GrownUps discussion form or 10 and chat with fellow members.

9. People watch 

Go out and get some fresh air and set yourself up in a park and watch people pass you by.  You’ll be surprised the funny things you see.

10. Finish something

That wardrobe clean out, the squeeky door or even just a book that you’re on the final chapter.  Finish it!