I Love You Dad. Love, Your Teen Daughter


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This Father’s Day, I want to extend a huge thanks to all the fathers in this world.

Seriously, over my short, but progressing time as an international, professional speaker & coach, I have witnessed growing numbers of Dads come along to my seminars and coaching sessions. It’s so fantastic to see our men so dedicated and interested in the parenting sphere, now more than ever, when the media are claiming that youth are making bad choices because of their lack of male support.

Many parenting magazines I come across lately have a lot of content dedicated to the importance of fathers in teens’ lives, and of course it all points to the obvious – we would really be lost without you.

To all you amazing Dads out there, just one more time, I’d like to re-iterate the great advantage and value you give your teens’ lives every single day, and I hope I can back you up by acknowledging and supporting some of the discipline you give to us. So with dedication to Dads everywhere, here are a few lines fathers tend to say to their teen daughters (or sometimes sons), that may feel horrible to speak, but I hope the ‘teen afterthoughts’ based on personal experience and thoughts of thousands of teens around the world, will help you acknowledge and just remember that your words will be valuable in the long-run.

Dad: “You’re going out dressed like THAT?!”
Teen: Thanks, Dad. Although I think I look hot and hope I can attract some attention tonight, if I do end up going out in this outfit after all and get the same remark from a friend or another guy, I’ll realise that Daddy, you’re always right.

Dad: “No, you can’t go to the party because I said so.”
Teen: I know you used to be a hormone-crazed teenager back in your day and you probably know better than me what trouble I might get into, but seriously, you and Mum didn’t turn out too bad and you went to parties too. If you don’t let me go, you know I’ll sneak out and won’t even enjoy myself because I’ll be too worried I went behind your back so just save us both the heartbreak….please? 😀

Dad: “I don’t like that boy”
Teen: I don’t care what you think right now because me and him are ‘in love’. But I’m glad you’ve voiced your opinions so early on because later when I’m breaking up with him, at the very least I’ll know it’s the right decision because at that point, you’ll be on my side.

Dad: “I know how guys operate – you are not to set foot near that boy”
Teen: I’m sure you think you do know Daddy, but it’s the 21st century now, and things are different to the prehistoric age. I’ll probably go ahead, ignore you, and make a mistake this time. Only afterwards will I realize that you were right all along…but I definitely won’t tell you about it. That would just be way too much for your ego to handle.

“Go ask your mother”
Teen: But Daaaad!! You KNOW you’re the nice one that lets me get away with things Mum doesn’t!

Dad: “I’m really disappointed in you”
Teen: This hurts the most, because I love you so much, and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you, and make you not believe in me.
To all the loving fathers out there, YOU ROCK!

I Love You, Dad!
Love, your teen Daughter