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Health & Wellness

Articles about our health and wellbeing, mind, emotions, keeping fit, your hearing, eyesight and dental needs, natural remedies and keeping vital.

Dementia – How to Maintain Precious Connections

A dementia diagnosis in a friend can come as a devastating blow. One minute you have a relationship in which you are both equal partners, the next, you find the relationship has changed completely, and you must now take the lead in almost every respect.

A different experience

A baby boomer recently posted on the Facebook group about the negative experiences they’d had when shopping for ebikes at bike shops.

Creating Mindfullness

To live mindfully in life is ‘to live in the present moment’, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. Becoming mindful enhances your resilience and your overall happiness in life. 

Queue Rage – and how to beat it

Summer’s here, and the queues are getting long – much longer thanks to the covid-regulated distancing now required. Sadly, queues have a way of raising anxiety levels, and sometimes, they’re even behind some unpleasant, even aggressive, behaviour.