Knox shows that sharing rewards everyone

Growing old or changes in physical ability shouldn’t prevent anyone from connecting with others, contributing to the community or continuing to grow. Everyone can give and receive. In fact it’s incredibly valuable for everyone in the community to be giving and receiving whoever they are.

Elizabeth Knox Home & Hospital’s unique Cultivate programme develops links and relationships with a wide range of community groups and organisations so that Knox residents can be meaningfully involved in the world they live.

Like everyone, Knox residents have interests and ambitions, bucket lists and dreams. Cultivate brings together the opportunities for them to do what they want to. It may be a regular thing or a one-off arrangement but every experience makes a big difference to the lives of those participating.

Residents may want to help others, learn a new skill, take up or reinvigorate a hobby or passion, join a special interest group, perform a kind deed, give someone a surprise or simply experience something new. We know that the community benefit from the additional diversity that Knox residents bring. Knox residents already participate in a school reading programme, a community art programme, literary appreciation, and a whole range of community interactions and activities.

And don’t for a moment think that Knox residents need patronising because of their age or disability. These are motivated, interesting individuals like the rest of us whose lives can be enhanced by inclusion in community activities.

Knox is an Eden Alternative home absolutely committed to a little more loving, understanding, care and companionship with as much fun and laughter as possible. We know that growing old isn’t necessarily about decline, rather an opportunity for continued growth and wellbeing.

Community Partnerships Coordinator, Stacey Mowbray welcomes any support from organisations or individuals our residents can be involved with.

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