Going bananas

The humble banana is a meal in a moment and is better for you than you may know. They are easily transportable, inexpensive, low allergenic and really tasty and satisfying.

Bananas help combat depression, improve your grey matter, relieve hangovers and morning sickness, and help protect against kidney cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and blindness. They can cure the itch of a mosquito bite and put a great shine on your shoes.

Bananas have high levels of tryptophan, (as does turkey interestingly) which is converted into serotonin — the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. This can help alleviate depression, PMS and improve your general mood and concentration, along with stabilising your blood sugar levels.

banana-fruit-healthy-yellow-41957-largeA banana contains enough energy to fuel a two kilometre walk in the average sized-adult, and its high levels of potassium help prevent cramp during exercise and restless legs at night. Bananas are officially recognised by the USFDA as being able to lower blood pressure and protect against heart attack and stroke.

Due to the high levels of vitamin B6 in bananas, they help reduce swelling, offer protection against type II diabetes, strengthen the nervous system, and help with the production of white blood cells.

Strengthen your blood and relieve anaemia with the added iron from bananas or counteract calcium loss during urination and build strong bones by supplementing with a banana.

It’s not only the vitamins and minerals that make bananas good for you. They contain high levels of fibre to stimulate healthy bowel function and aid digestion. They also stimulate the growth of ‘good’ bacteria in the gut. Bananas are a natural antacid, providing relief from acid reflux and heartburn.

Here are five other interesting things bananas are capable of:

– Rub a bug bite or hives with the inside of the banana peel to relieve itching and irritation.

– Eating a banana can lower the body temperature and cool you during a fever or on a hot day.

– Remove a wart by placing the inside of a piece of banana peel against the wart and taping it in place.

– Rub the inside of a banana peel on your leather shoes or handbag and polish with a dry cloth for a quick shine.

– Quitting smoking? Bananas contain high levels of B-vitamins as well as potassium and magnesium to speed recovery from the effects of withdrawal.

Monkeys are on the right track aren’t they?