Slow down your affection

11158 slow affection
11158 slow affection

slow affectionLife often moves at a frantic pace. It’s so easy to get into a habit of hurrying, so that most of the affectionate gestures that we make are fleeting and often taken for granted. We throw an “I love you” as we race out the door, or blow a kiss, rather than actually committing to the affection!

As it is the season for love and celebration, how about slowing down for just a few minutes and taking the time to appreciate your partner/spouse and children just a little more?

Linger in a hug with your loved ones. A hug is a beautiful thing, executed well. Wrap your arms around someone and just stay put. Even a minute feels like a long time in a hug, but it is so good for the soul, and your relationships. Take the moment to murmur something kind and appreciative. Even if it feels unusually long, a good hug will leave both parties feeling great, and wanting more. Who doesn’t enjoy feeling cared about?

The same goes for a kiss. If you want more love and romance in your relationship, try making one minute every day for one long kiss. It doesn’t need to lead anywhere (but it well might!). Kissing is incredibly intimate, but the art of it can easily be lost in a busy life and too many commitments. Similarly, if you do find yourself on the couch with your loved one, hold their hand, stroke their hair or rub their shoulders. Reaching out and touching sometimes seems hard to do if you have both been under pressure, or arguing regularly. It is a lovely, non-verbal way to make amends and show love.

Children love to be touched and thrive on it. Now that school is out, take a moment to have playful tussle with your children or grandchildren, or curl up and read a book with them, braid their hair, give each other shoulder massages or write words or pictures on each other’s backs with your fingers. Touch is extremely calming and you may find an overexcited or silly child will calm down quickly and improve their behaviour straight away.

Even big, tough teenagers appreciate a hug. They may pretend not to in the first instance, but persevere!

Kindness and affection is free. It bridges gaps in communication. It heals. It affirms and we all need it. Take the first step and take just one minute to give someone a hug or a kiss today. Everyone wins!