Regain your love of life

A routine is a critical part of most people’s lives – it gives stability, structure and clarity, all of which are great things. If you don’t watch out though, a relentless adherence routine can become something of a prison – stifling creativity and foiling opportunities. It can lead to isolation and in some cases, depression.

There is much of life that we ‘have to’ do. These ‘have tos’ are important and at times, rather stressful – work, financial commitments, the pace of life required to raise a family…it’s little wonder that fun and joy can end up taking a back seat.

Still, it’s important and absolutely necessary to check in with your personal need for new passions – no matter what age you are!

Do you remember what you loved doing as a child? 

It may be time to revisit it! Use your children or grandchildren as an excuse and go on an adventure, spend the day building sandcastles or have a joke afternoon. If you always loved art, or planned to get a qualification – make it happen, never for a second believe that you can’t or are too old. Childhood fun may evolve a bit to fit an adult perspective, but there is still fun to be had.

Find a fun way to move your body

Again, look to children – they don’t spend hours on a treadmill or stationary bike. They balance on walls, climb trees, run instead of walk and bounce in excitement. Think about how you could make the most of every opportunity you have to move – take a new walk everyday, even if it means just crossing the road more often. You will get a new perspective.

It’s much too easy to postpone a physical activity that you don’t enjoy doing, so find something that you love and will look forward to each week — not something you’ll dread!

Volunteer in your community

Find out what new initiatives are taking place in your town that you could lend a helping hand to. Help plant trees in your town’s new park area, or offer to whip up a batch of your signature chocolate chip cookies to be sold at your town’s next fundraiser. Doing so will allow you to meet new people in your area while making a difference in your community. Get your spouse and children involved with helping as well – it will create a sense of pride and togetherness within your family!

Laugh heartily

Find a way to laugh openly and often. It is easy to become bogged down and serious, but a good giggle really improves your mood and is highly infectious. Be someone who finds the fun in a situation and you will seldom be lonely – fun is an excellent people magnet! Laughter usually requires company. Stay in touch with the people you love and help you feel optimistic.

Be grateful

Yes, we are all (mostly) grateful for our families and our homes and our health. Take that as a given, and find other sources of happiness and reasons to feel gratitude.  Find a reason to start the day with fresh eyes and a positive attitude – it’s an invaluable item to add to your daily to-do list.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and getting back to the things that used to make you feel most alive is sure to create more excitement and passion in your life – which we need no matter how old we get! What are you waiting for? Find something new to be enlivened by today!