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Super Stretcher – Side Hustles for Seniors

Side Hustle for Seniors

For many, full time retirement sounds perfect. Others, however, aren’t quite ready to give up work altogether, simply because they’ve reached sixty-five. And, let’s face it, many of us can’t quite afford to! That’s were a ‘side hustle’  – a part-time job or short-stint of work – can come in handy. What’s more, you’d be surprised just how in demand seniors are in the workforce. Viewed by employers as reliable, dependable, dedicated, and experienced, they are often sought out in preference to younger applicants. So whether you’re saving for a special occasion, or just want a little extra regular income, check out the following suggestions for what work is out there.

Seasonal work


The best part about horticultural work is that it doesn’t continue all year, and if you make a good impression, you’ll often be invited back again and again without any need to go through an application procedure. With Covid travel restrictions, the New Zealand horticultural industry is in dire straits right now, and is welcoming Kiwi applicants of all ages. To find out more, check out sites such as, and don’t be afraid to negotiate your own terms. While a job may be advertised as full-time, feel confident in asking if you can work just a day or two a week, if it better suits your energy levels. 


Large stores and supermarkets are always looking for seasonal workers for the pre Christmas and holiday periods, and working in a team can be fun as well as lucrative. Online sites to help you locate a seasonal position include Seek (Christmas) and Indeed (Christmas). 

Santa does exist!

Santa’s are still in hot demand, and now is the time to put your name forward. Help children enjoy the Christmas spirit, and get to do a bit of play-acting at the same time. Head to Jora, and refine your search to suit your region. 

Year-round jobs

Home and pet-minding

The busiest times of the year aren’t always the most enjoyable for a holiday – which is why so many senior Kiwis are on the road in February when the world quietens down. If you’re happy to stay put over major holiday breaks, advertise yourself as available to house and pet-mind during the busy holiday seasons. Place an advert on your local supermarket notice board, in a free local newspaper or online community site. Be sure to list your experience – which can include caring for your own home, garden and pets, and those of friends. Put your hourly rate in your advert to avoid having to have awkward conversations down the track. 

Exam tutoring

If you’ve recently retired from teaching, don’t let you skills go to waste. Exam time is when students are often seeking a tutor, and you may be the very person who can help. Communicate your availability on the sites above, or go to A Head Start, for opportunities.

Music teaching

If you enjoy making music, you’re the very person to be passing on your skills to others – and it’s not just children who want to learn! Seniors often have discretionary spending they didn’t prior to retiring, and are looking to take up a new instrument, or to learn to play music for the first time. That’s why it pays to advertise on senior social media sites as well as community notice boards. Use your Facebook page, too, to spread the word. 

Gardening & home help

Busy millennials want it all – a job, a family, a comfortable home, and an attractive section. But while they may have good jobs, they’re usually short on time. Put up your hand to help out, and you’ll likely find yourself run off your feet as you’re passed from one set of employers to the next. What’s more, the very place to start selling your talents may be among your own family. Let nieces and nephews know you’re available, and as they pass that information on to friends, you may find you have more work than you can accept!

Jobs are out there, and waiting for you when you know where to look. Happy hunting!

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