‘Ming’s Iceberg’ by Kiri Lightfoot

Ming's Iceberg

Ming's Iceberg

“What’s out there, where the sea meets the sky?” “No penguin has been there.” “I might,” said Ming.

Ming lives in Antarctica and is curious to visit the place where the ocean meets the sky. She leaps onto an iceberg as it breaks away from the ice shelf. As the iceberg drifts into warmer oceans, it gets smaller … and smaller … and Ming is all alone in the big blue sea. Finally rescued by a kindly whale and delivered home, her adventurous spirit is undiminished. “What’s up there, where the mountains meet the sky?”

Enter Albert Ross, the albatross …

Full of adventure, drama and humour, Kiri Lightfoot’s text is a joy to read aloud, and award-winning illustrator Kimberly Andrews’ stunning watercolour illustrations capture the magic of the Antarctic landscape. Ming’s Iceberg has themes of determination, individuality, self-belief and exploration.

Kiri Lightfoot is originally from Exeter in the UK and now lives in Auckland. She has worked as an author, scriptwriter and in television production. Kiri’s first picture book, Every Second Friday, was a finalist in the 2009 New Zealand Children Book Awards. This is Kiri’s first book with Scholastic; her story, Ming’s Iceberg, was selected from over 200 submissions as part of our annual Valentine’s Day ‘Share the Love’ event.

Kimberly Andrews is an illustrator and author who grew up in the Canadian Rockies. In London, she worked for The House of Illustration and at the Natural History Museum. Kimberly won the Russell Clark Award for Illustration with her first book, Puffin the Architect, which was followed by Scholastic’s Ernie and the Magic Kennel. She now lives with husband Tim and two small daughters in a tiny house near Wellington, where she illustrates and writes, and runs her business, Tumbleweed Tees.