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Dick Sainsbury

We are very pleased to be giving away two copies of Dick Sainsbury’s book ‘All Experience is an Arch’ to our GrownUps members.

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About All Experience is an Arch

A collection of writing about geriatric medicine, older people and ageing.

This book is a compilation of essays, vignettes and discussion papers written by a retired geriatrician to consider some of the issues associated with ageing and older people, including the health ‘giants’ of later years. These are supplemented by pieces illustrating the value of literature in gerontology. Also included are thoughts about the philosophy and ‘essence’ of geriatric medicine including interdisciplinary teamwork, clear communication and maintenance of function. It is meant to entertain, reflect and to some extent, teach.

Although it covers some medical subjects it is not a textbook; rather, it seeks to raise the profile of a medical discipline that has sometimes been poorly understood. Medical conditions are discussed but in a way that is readily understood by a lay audience. The author’s intention is that there should be something of interest for every reader and to encourage the study of older people in literature.


After Dick graduated from the University of Otago he completed six resident medical officer years in Auckland before going to the United Kingdom for advanced training. Since 1982 he has worked as a consultant physician in geriatric medicine in Christchurch in dual university/hospital appointments. He has a particular interest in student teaching and has served a period as trainee intern co-ordinator. He has also been involved in the examination, mentoring and supervision of international medical graduates.

He is an avid cricket enthusiast who has now graduated to croquet. Other interests include music and reading. He is interested in the portrayal of older people in literature and completed his MA thesis on Older People and Ageing in the fiction of Thomas Hardy. He was President of the NZGS between 2002 and 2005.



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