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Cruising With a Purpose

Massages, dance lessons, art auctions, cooking lessons, tai chi, wine tasting, yoga, shopping, facials... you can imagine the delights.


Truly intrepid travellers love to explore new places, and there are few more wild and unexplored ...


Quite a few of our friends seem to be booking themselves on cruises rather than going on Intrepid Journeys these days.

Ten Mistakes When Cruising

It's a shame to lay out $250 - $25,000 on a dreamy cruise vacation only to encounter unnecessary mishaps and inconveniences. So, in an effort to minimize the likelihood of a bump in the road to your perfect vacation, here are some common potholes that you

Preparing For Your Cruise

Whenever I read articles about going on cruises, there's one thing everyone leaves out... Packing is important for both your cruise and for your peace of mind.

Rhine Cruise

I'm getting to see some of Europe's most scenic spots yet I'm sleeping in the same bed every night. This is the beauty of river cruising.