6 reasons to cruise in Asia this summer

  1. It’s close to New Zealand
    The cruising hubs of Singapore and Hong Kong are under 10 hours away – no worse than a busy work day, plus the minimal time difference makes acclimatising far easier than a European getaway.  Royal Caribbean and Azamara Club Cruises even offer select cruise itineraries between Asia and Sydney, making things extra easy. There’s nothing like taking a slow ship to Bali or Singapore!
  1. Chinese New Year
    One of the most exciting times to cruise is during Chinese New Year, which is celebrated throughout the region. In 2018 the Year of the Dog will be welcomed from 16th February with celebrations continuing into early March. Shore excursions take guests to the New Year markets which will be decorated with bright red lanterns for the occasion. It’s a chance to pick up New Year goods like traditional robes and dresses, or festival foods such as Yusheng in Singapore – a fish served with sundried oranges, red ginger, capsicums, and a sauce famed for its 27 ingredients including plum, rice vinegar, and sesame oil.

  1. The best of Asian cuisine, both onboard and on shore
    A cruise in Asia allows guests to explore local cuisines both onboard and on shore, as ship chefs often visit local markets to inspire their creations. Meanwhile guests can sample the local speciality such as Okonomiyaki savoury pancakes in Osaka, explore the local spice market with the ship’s chef in Malaysia, or take a cooking class in Hoi An, Vietnam.
  1. No stress, no language barriers, no organisation – leave it to someone else!
    One of the challenges of travelling – especially in a country that doesn’t speak your language – is the stress of planning, transiting between destinations, and organising activities. Choose the right cruise and you’ll have an  expert team on-hand to streamline the experience and curate experiences for every travel style. On Azamara for example, there are custom programmes for seeing life behind the scenes, tasting local food and wine, evening experiences, and cycling tours. Guests won’t be bothered by large crowds, with each excursion catering to a maximum of 25 guests, to preserve the intimacy of the local experience. Then, after a long day adventuring, returning to your luxury lodgings aboard a cruise is a priceless feeling.

  1. Go to places on the top of your bucket list, as well as those you’ve never considered
    Countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Thailand are at the top of many a bucket list, but a cruise allows you to combine these destinations with those you wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Sure, you’ll visit the beaches of Koh Samui and the bright lights of Hong Kong, but a cruise can also let you explore the leafy streets and colonial architecture of Rangon in Myanmar or the colourful old town on the straits of Malacca, Georgetown, Penang. With a cruise you remove the transit time usually wasted on bus or train tours, waking up in a new destination each day and making the journey an enjoyable part of travel.

6.You can visit places not accessible by car, train or bus
Cruising in Asia offers travellers the ability to visit hard to reach places, often inaccessible by bus or train. The boutique size of the Azamara Journey and Quest mean they can fit into smaller ports. For example they can sail up Thailand’s Chao Phraya River to dock right amongst the bright lights of Bangkok for an overnight stay, or visit the Komodo Islands in Indonesia for a rare look at the dragons. The line is launching 30 brand new ports worldwide in 2018, allowing guests to see more of the world’s hidden gems including Penang on Malaysia and Hambantota in Sri Lanka.

Azamara Club Cruises is a boutique up-market cruise line with a focus on destination immersion and authentic experiences. Activities on board include the Sanctum Health Spa, the Salon, live entertainment, a casino, parties, a library, seminars on local culture, and several fine dining venues. They cater to a maximum of 690 guests, which keeps the experience intimate and the service personal.


Guests can discover the wonders of Borneo, Vietnam and Thailand on a 14 night round-trip cruise departing Singapore, 25 March 2018. Sailing on Azamara Journey, the cruise makes calls to Bintulu, Bandar Seri Begawan, Kota Kinabalu, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Ko Samui. Fares start from NZ$3,719 per person, twin share for an Interior Stateroom. Click here to learn more.

Or, guests can explore the delights of Indonesia on a 7 night Borobudur and Bali cruise, sailing on Azamara Journey. Departing Singapore 14 January, 2018, the cruise visits Samarang, Surabaya, Celukan Bawang and finishes up in Bali. Fares start from NZ$2,139 per person, twin share, for an interior stateroom. Click here to learn more.

For enquiries about any other cruise itineraries call 0800 102 123 or see azamaraclubcruises.com