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Food, Wine & Beverages

The Wurst Thing

Who said "I could put up with sausage and mash forever" - sorry, that should be Dr Who said etc., etc…well, in fact it was Colin Baker, the sixth actor to play the part.

A Load of Tripe

What is it about tripe that has people who have never even tried it turning up their noses? Tripe is up there with snails, frogs' legs and edible insects as a food which is adored by some but which disgusts others.

Top Shelf

We were enjoying dinner with friends a few weekends ago when the conversation turned, as it nearly always does with me, to food and someone asked me what my top ten cookbooks were

Autumn Gold

Surely there can be no more versatile fruit (or vegetable) than the golden-fleshed pumpkin. This jewel of autumn can be prepared, cooked and served in so many ways but my favourite remains… pumpkin soup.

Falling About

Autumn has always been my favourite season. It is a soft and sophisticated season, golden and mature, with none of the brashness of summer; it has a richness no other season can boast.

Baking Gluten Free Successfully at Home

Neville stirred weird ingredients like xanthum gum, jam setting mix, no egg replacer and tapioca flour into a large mixer. Could this concoction really be transformed into a tasty gluten free focaccia bread as promised?

Crêpes Galore

It only happens once a year and this year I missed it…Mardi Gras… Shrove Tuesday… Pancake Day! Never mind, I'm happy to enjoy pancakes any day of the year.

Pot Luck

In 1840 Anna, wife of the seventh Duke of Bedford established the practice of afternoon tea to fill the gap between light luncheon and late dinner, a practice which soon became an English tradition, now celebrated all over the world.

A Wee Doch and Doris

I think I am becoming a Grumpy Old Man… Donna says I have been one for years… but I am reduced to speechless Mr Meldrew-like disbelief at the thoughtless way some people behave in large supermarkets. I was debating either to abandon my wheels and shoppin