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Food, Wine & Beverages

Cheap Meats and Best Buys

Meat may seem like a luxury for those feasting off the smell of an oily rag, but this need not be the case. By being careful about the type of meat you buy, there is no reason why even thrifty eaters can't enjoy meat.

Mixing Fun and Food

Penny pinchers all over the country are deciding to dine in rather than out, and coming up with creative ways to take the cost out of mixing fun and food.

Budget-Saving Spuds

Potatoes are thought to date back about 2500 years and been a staple for many civilisations. The good thing about spuds is that they cost next to nothing to grow and are cheap to buy.

Cheap Treats

One of the great things about living off the smell of an oily rag is that you are allowed to indulge yourself - providing it doesn't cost a lot! Here are some ideas and suggestions from readers.

The Great Sunday Bake Break

Every Sunday thousands (millions!) of people living off the smell of an oily rag diligently and religiously engage in the Great Sunday Bake Break.

Simply Sausage

Lots of people are writing in with recipes so we thought we would show that something as simple as the humble sausage can be made into a tasty delight.

Free Food

It may come as a surprise to some but not all food grows in a packet, lives in a refrigerator or comes with a price tag. There are literally thousands (okay, dozens) of foods that cost nothing.

Patience Makes the Perfect Christmas

Andrew, the owner and artisan baker of Wild Wheat Bakery is a perfectionist and the secret of his perfect Christmas cake and authentic festive stollen is summed up by one word: patience!

Slow Food

Learn all about the new concept of Slow Food. The planet saving rival to Fast Food.