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Food, Wine & Beverages

Some Like It Hot

The culinary heritage of India is so rich and diverse that it seems such a pity and even disrespectful just to lump it all together and call it "curry".

Home Cooking

When I was at school both my mum and dad used to go out to work but at the end of the day the family would help Mum to prepare dinner which we would eat at the table, together. She wasn't the world's most adventurous cook and the food was simple & fresh.

Cadbury Melody

Please find attached a great piece of research recently commissioned by Cadbury, first and foremost, asking New Zealanders what their top 10 sounds of joy are.


While the rest of New Zealand has been focused on government budgets and red ink, of late the staff at the Institute of Oily Rag Studies have turned to more humble matters: the pumpkin.

Best-by or Use-by: That is the Question

In reality, while some households are extremely label-conscious, throwing food away before it even passes the deadline date, others are much more pragmatic and frugal. Such families will tend to use their common sense - only throwing out milk once there i


The potato industry has gathered together a lot of information about our humble friend and our relationship with it. Here are some snippets of information!

Ways With Eggs

Not only are gardens a growing industry, but the dawn chorus is now resonating with cackles and crowing. And why not? Eggs are a cheap source of protein and keeping chickens is great family fun.