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Books & Book Reviews

Urban Legend

'Every Aucklander of a certain age knows that we should have listened to Mayor Robbie back in the 1970s' - Labour Party MP Phil Twyford. But who was Mayor Robbie? And why is he still relevant today?


There is an indelible connection between food and language, and therefore between food and people. We are social beings, made to interconnect, interact, share and converse. We achieve this through language and through food or, more specifically, through e

This is How it Ends

One of this year's biggest publishing deals and a huge sensation at the London Book Fair. A story of unexpected, life-changing love, set in the autumn of 2008.

The Chaperone

I like to travel light but there is one item I always manage to squeeze into my hand luggage when I fly out: a plane book. On our recent trip to South America I took 'The Chaperone."

Travels Without a Donkey

At the end of 2011 Wellington publisher Steele Roberts released Travels without a Donkey: sketches from here and there by Richard Donald.