Sir Bob Charles has developed some Golden Oldies rules…

Golf copySir Bob Charles, Golden Oldies Golf Golf Ambassador, has developed a set of rules that are optional and will make the Golden Oldies Golf Festival unique, enjoyable and quicker for everyone.

Which equates to more time in the 19th!!!

Sir Bob Charles who remains a respected icon of New Zealand sport was the first left-hander to win a Major and over 70 titles during his 5 decades at the top level. He won his first NZ Open as an 18-year-old in 1954, the British Open in 1963 and has shot his age twice in Tournament play. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2006 – the first New Zealander and first lefthander to be so honoured.

In the interests of enjoyable play for Golden Oldies Golfers Sir Bob has suggested following rules adjustments to be played at the option of the players:

Objectives of the Rules as defined by Sir Bob Charles:
• To speed up play by using a simpler form of rules
• To provide a less complicated format designed for easier understanding by players
• To increase the enjoyment of the game

Ball Lost
• After two minutes search, for a penalty of one shot, a ball should be placed at a point where it was last seen or on the line of entry to its demise. A placing zone should be located to not require the player to play over the hazard again.

• Ball may be placed outside the bunker no nearer the hole-penalty of one stroke. This will negate the need to thrash away in the bunker before exhaustedly picking it up.

• Ball may be putted with the flagstick unattended without penalty.

• Club may be grounded in a bunker or hazard without penalty provided the lie is not improved. Should the lie be improved a one stroke penalty will occur.
• All rule infringements carry a one stroke penalty with persistent blatant infringements resulting in disqualification.

• Within one club length allowed on closely mown areas of hole in play.
• Ball should be placed within one club length of the point of relief from immovable objects.

Provisional Ball
• No longer required.

Learn more about the Golden Oldies Golf Festival in NSW, 18th – 24th Sept 2016.

Specially designed for Golden Oldies to make the game more manageable and to ensure that rounds are quicker. Article provided courtesy of Golden Oldies & Vintage Sports Tours.

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