Top cycle trips to take in Europe

Europe is, debatably, the best destination for cycling trips in the world. With more bicyclists on the road than in other regions, it makes for a safer, more well-beaten path that you can enjoy without the overhead worry. While you can go for a short ride, there is a lot to love about week trips – or even longer! These are three of our favourites, but there is so much more to discover…

The Eurovelo 12, 5,382km

cycle tourEureVelo is the foremost website in Europe for planning out your long distance cycling holiday, and offers 17 routes that you can take that will cover many of the amazing countries in the region. However, these routes certainly aren’t for the faint of heart.

The Eurovelo 12 is our pick of the bunch, and takes in the Eastern side of the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It’s known as the North Sea Cycle Route and covers 5,392km – most of it beautiful seaside.

7_naturns_etschradweg_bei_burg_dornsbergAdige Cycle Route, 226km

A relatively easy cycle route, this one goes from the Alps all the way down to the sea, taking in some fabulous Italian countryside along the way. Starting from the lake at Rechen, this route traverses through the picturesque mountains to join the Adige river, taking in small towns and highlights such as Lake Reschenstausee’s sunken village, the spa town Meran, Bozen, down towards Verona, and then out towards the sea – and towards Venice.

There are of course options you can do along the way and it’s certainly worth taking your time across this route as the scenery is so pretty – especially in the first legs of the trip.

Trans-Ardennes Voie Verte, 85km

Outdoorsport HärtsfeldLooking to take in the French countryside? The Trans-Ardennes Voie Verte is a great flat cycle that is simply perfect for beginners. The route goes from the quaint countryside of inner French region of the Ardennes to the Belgium border. The route itself follows a riverway and takes in forests, canals, and little bed and breakfasts along the way. It’s nice and quiet out here and there are so many spots along the river to have a fantastic picnic.

If you’re looking for a side track make sure to check out Sedan, where you can find the largest medieval fortress in the whole of Europe.

Bikes can be rented from various places in Europe, or if you are looking for a package, or simply a group to cycle with, have a browse around with companies like Freedom Treks and Headwater to see what’s on offer.