Thinking of Trying Out Motorhoming for the Very First Time?

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Then you might be wondering what motorhome you'd want to choose for that vacation trip. You can do this by matching your needs to the motorhome with the best or closest match.

Firstly, consider how many passengers you'd have or berths that you would need. In this case, the beds that you would be needing with the people travelling. This is the first thing to consider and must be right the first time. This will decide and help you narrow your motorhome choices. Berths range from 2 berths, 3 berths, 4, 5 and even 6 berths. Note that double beds count as 2 berths in some motorhome rentals, so take care in choosing.

Next, what facilities would you need?

Determine how self-sufficient you'd want to be. Possibilities include toilet, heating, shower, kitchen, storage, batteries or power and gas heating. Note that even a small motorhome has all the facilities and probably would have smaller water tanks and fridge, too. Which means, you'd have to “service” your vehicle more often that with a larger version. If you are arranging for camping away from campsites, then you'd want to be self-sufficient as possible and take note of the facilities you would need. But in case you'd be planning to stay in campsites during most of your time, you may take the opportunity to avail of the modern campsite facilities such as a shower and toilet. Which also means you wouldn't be constantly refilling your water tank. Small campervans may meet all the self-sufficiency requirements, but they can be limited when it comes to comfort and space. Consider the lay-out and access in this case.

When you've got that covered, how long will you be on your trip?

How long you will be away is a deciding factor with creature comforts. Consider the living space you'd want to have for a week's trip, and so forth. The limited space is often a big factor for children. Fresh water and waste water tanks mean frequent refilling and emptying of cassettes and tanks.

Would you be driving most of the time? Or would you rather spend it most of the time on campsites?

Whatever your travel plans are, just be cautious that some areas and roads have restrictions when it comes to motorhomes. Driving a motorhome is entirely different than driving a family van. Consider the width restrictions on the area you would be visiting. Motorhomes oftentimes could be too wide in some roads. Consider the flexibility of your motorhome, the manoeuvrability and dimensions, especially with high tops. Rental operators can help you with this one.

Finally, the budget! Obviously motorhomes aren't cheap. This is because of the age of the vehicle, the amenities, and the design of the motorhome. Which is good news, because this means that this can be a good initial investment. Rent the newest vehicle that they would have, aging from 0 – 3 years.

Renting a motorhome can be of great value, as it is cheaper in some ways. Give it a try on your next vacation. Think about a campervan hire or motorhome rental for your holidays.