A Roaming Retirement

A Roaming Retirement

With over 20 years of motor homing under their belts, Auckland retirees Marion and Murray have left their footprints on some of New Zealand’s most remarkable spots. 

Marion and Murray

The couple, who live in Ryman’s Logan Campbell Village in Greenlane when they’re not on the road, have no plans to slow down any time soon.

A few of the places they have explored are scenic Moke Lake near Queenstown, Molesworth Station, remote Farewell Spit, wind-swept Tora coast in Wairarapa, and the renowned roads of the Forgotten World and Gentle Annie highways.

“We’re blessed in New Zealand; it’s a beautiful country. To park on the edge of a lake then wake up in the morning and look out to see the scenery is just unreal.”  

New friends at home and on the road

Motorhomers are known to be a social bunch, and Marion and Murray are no exception. Whether they’re home in Logan Campbell Village or on the road, they enjoy an active social life.

The pair have made the most of their lock and leave lifestyle and joined a group of like-minded motorhome enthusiasts. Everyone tours independently during the day, meeting up for activities and trading stories over dinner.

“When we go away with the group on a safari, the tour leader organises interesting things to see such as historic sites and arranges for a local person to speak about the area. You can’t do that if you’re just traveling by yourself. But with 20-30 vans, you’ve got a bit of clout,” says Murray.

A Roaming Retirement

Coming home to mowed lawns and washed windows

Moving to Logan Campbell Village is a decision the couple are glad they made while they are still fit and active. The couple quickly found themselves embraced by a village community that celebrates exploration and freedom while offering the convenience of lock up and leave living.

While the call of adventure is enticing, there’s also no place like home after a period of travel, and Marion and Murray know the value of a safe and secure home base.

When they are on the road, they feel free to go the extra mile, knowing everything is taken care of back home. In their absence the grass is mowed, the gardens weeded, their windows are washed, and their mail is collected, ready for their eventual return, which is whenever they feel like it.

As Murray says, “You get to visit some outlandish places. And some of the roads are pretty rough to get there! And then when we return home, everything is exactly as it should be.”  

A generation of retirees living life to the full

Marian and Murray are part of a generation who aren’t looking to slow down, they want to continue to challenge themselves, discover more, and expand their worlds.

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