See New Zealand on a shoestring

Rental vehicle relocation - see New Zealand on a budget

One of the best things about a retired or part-time working lifestyle is the flexibility to take advantage of fabulous offers that become available at short notice – and that includes super thrifty travel options. If you’re happy to pack your bags when the time is right, and head away for a holiday that won’t break the bank, we have a plan that will help make it happen. It’s called ‘the relocation rental’ and it has to be seen to be believed.

Relocation rentals

Ever fancied a break in campervan? These fun recreation vehicles usually rent out for around $120-$150 a day for two people – and that’s just for a basic model. Now you can tiki-tour in one for absolutely nothing! Looking for a rental car? The same deal applies. The secret to finding these unbelievable opportunities is just a click away when you log onto multi-search sites such as Transfer Car or individual hire companies such as Europcar.

Why are these rental vehicles going for a song? The answer is simple: vehicle rental companies need to have their vehicles stationed in their various depots around the country, but not all tourists return their vehicle to the same depot they picked it up from. That’s where you come in. To get a rental back to its home depot, the company advertises for someone to deliver it (at no cost to the driver), and that someone can be you!

Usually, the hire company gives you just the bare minimum of days to return the vehicle (2-3 days to drive from Queenstown to Christchurch, for example) but they’ll almost always have a fabulous offer to help you extend the time. For example, for as little as $35-$50 a day, you’ll be able to tack on the extra days that will turn your relocation mission into a relaxing vacation!

Rental vehicle relocation - see New Zealand on a budget

Think smart

Once you’ve returned you vehicle to its depot, there’s always the question of how you’ll get home. If you’ve driven to a popular location such as Queenstown, Rotorua or any one of our major cities, it’s very likely you’ll be able to pick up another rental which needs relocating, and head back to your starting point. Because relocation rentals are able to be booked in advance, planning ahead makes everything so much easier.

Reading between the lines

While the thrill of the chase can have you reeling with excitement, there are a few details it pays to consider. Some relocation deals will involve you taking out your own car rental insurance, so check the fine print before you click ‘yes’. If youre rental involves crossing Cook Strait, you’ll be liable to pay to put the car on the ferry. A much smarter plan, if you want to tour both islands, is to choose a relocation deal that starts and finishes in one island. Then all you have to do is hop on the ferry with your passenger ticket, and pick up your next relocation rental on the other side of the ditch!

By planning ahead, and also being ready to leave home when the right deal comes up, you can save hundreds of dollars on accommodation and wear and tear on your own vehicle. Car hire relocation really is as good as it sounds – so what are you waiting for!