Take Your Holiday on the Road

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Sue Wilkinson of Christchurch usually prefers to spend her holiday time pottering about in her garden, but was intrigued by the prospect of the motor home trip around the South Island with a friend.

The pair set off up the West Coast, went through to Nelson and back to Christchurch over the course of a week and found it was a wonderful adventure. "I'd never done anything like it before, " says Sue, "but it was very easy to organise. We just packed some clothes and food and were off.

"It was nice to be able to set our own timetable and just go as we pleased", she says. "I think we were able to see more of what we liked that being on an organised tour.

The pair travelled in the off-season, so were able to drive into camping grounds without bookings. Sue advises that in the middle of summer they would have needed to book to secure spots. "Our van had a toilet and shower, so we could have stayed on the side of the road I suppose," she says.

Sue says they felt very safe and welcome everywhere they went, but as a precaution had packed small security alarms, just in case.

The motorhome was perfectly comfortable and they were able to cook for themselves in the small kitchen aboard.

"I'd highly recommend a motorhome trip for a holiday and would happily go again," say Sue. "It was just so easy and relaxed."