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The best parts of life in a retirement village

As you get older, life can get a bit harder. Maintaining your home can start to feel like a battle, getting out and about might become more difficult, or you may begin to experience some health issues. You could stay in your home and get some people to do the heavy lifting if things like lawn mowing and pruning are getting too much for you. Living with family is a great option if you’re lucky enough to have them around, or you could consider a retirement village.

For some people, moving to a retirement village just doesn’t feel like something they’d enjoy – and they’re surprised at how fun, easy and relaxed the lifestyle can be.

In well-run, community-focused villages, like those run by Ryman Healthcare, there’s a good balance of independence and support. You live independently in your own home, but get the benefits of a close community, the option to join in on organised activities and outings, fabulous amenities, and that all-important security.

Your own space 

Moving to a village doesn’t mean giving up your treasures or your sense of style. Whether you choose a townhouse or apartment, you’ll be able to make the space your own. Hang your favourite pictures, add that beautiful rug, bring your collection of carved elephants – it’s about making your new place feel like home.

At Ryman villages, you can also share your space with others. That might mean bringing a beloved pet along, inviting friends over or having the grandkids to stay for the weekend. You don’t have to give up hosting the family Christmas just because you’ve moved house.

Safe, secure, peaceful

For many people, security is a big concern. You may worry about burglaries and break-ins while you’re travelling or, even worse, while you’re at home. On a more minor scale, noisy neighbours and door-to-door salespeople can be disruptive. If you live alone, these things can be particularly concerning.

Living in a village gives you and your family security and peace of mind. Not only are you surrounded by people you know and trust, but staff are on-site 24/7, so there’s always someone looking out for your property. Townhouses and apartments are designed to be secure, so you feel safe when you’re at home and feel comfortable leaving for a holiday.

Community and connections

A community can be hard to find at any age, but it’s especially hard when you’re older. If your suburb or town doesn’t have events or activities that appeal to you, it can be difficult to meet like-minded people or feel connected to others. And if you’ve lost touch with friends over the years, life can start to feel a bit lonely.

Social activities and a sense of community don’t just feel good, they may also be good for your health. Research shows a correlation between frequent social interactions and health in older people. Social isolation, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

A built-in community is one of the best parts of village life. You’ll be living alongside people at a similar life stage. You’ll meet them in shared spaces like gardens, gyms, pools, and on-site cafés. At Ryman Villages you’ll also get to join activities and events that bring like-minded people together. It all adds up to a strong sense of community and inclusion. Once you make new friends, living nearby and attending regular activities makes it easier to maintain those connections.

Fun and functionality, onsite and off

In many ways, living in a village is like living in a small and very convenient suburb, with all the amenities and services you need right around the corner. Good villages are built around quality, shared spaces and facilities like bowling greens, swimming pools, on-site cafés, gardens, hairdressers and beauty salons, and even movie theatres and libraries.

Many villages also offer a range of on-site events and off-site excursions for residents, including Christmas and New Year celebrations, musical guests and speakers, and trips to local tourist attractions.

These events and excursions are not just about keeping you fit, beautiful, well-read and entertained – they can also help you meet other people in the community and make those essential social connections.

Helping hands

As you age, it can get harder to keep up with day-to-day chores and maintenance. Depending on your abilities and energy, you might need support with different things – cooking, gardening, cleaning, laundry, even managing technology and keeping up with your hobbies.

That’s all made a lot easier in a village. You’ll have the facilities right by your door to make it easy to do the things you love. The support is there when you need it, too. You’ll always have people around to help with tricky tech problems, or even just a stubborn jar of pickles – it’s amazing how often that comes in handy!

Care that changes with you

A village that suits you

When you’ve decided to move into a village, finding the right one is the next step.

That’s where Ryman Healthcare comes in. They manage 34 retirement villages with more under construction throughout New Zealand, all with high-quality amenities on-site, organised activities, and close, connected communities. Ryman villages are friendly and people-focused, and their terms of care are designed to be fair and reasonable, so you know you’re getting great value for your money.

If you’re looking to experience the benefits of village life, Ryman Healthcare is a great place to start.

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